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Applied Econometrics using R (Spring 2019)

Notice: All the materials are now uploaded on CourseN@vi (available for registered students)


  1. Link to lecture note (written by Bookdown)
  2. Github respository for this course


  1. Syllabus for Japanese class (Wednesday 2nd)
  2. Syllabus for English class (Thursday 2nd)

Final reports

  1. Instruction for Final Report
  2. Due date: August 4th, 11pm (for final problem set/empirical paper). Submit your report in Course N@vi.
  3. Please find the instruction for the final problem set in Course N@vi.

RMD files for lecture

  1. RMD file for week 3 (April 24 and 25)
  2. RMD file for week 5 (May 15 and 16)
  3. RMD file for week 7 (May 29 and 30)
  4. RMD file for week 8 (June 5 and 6)
  5. RMD fiel for week 10 (June 19 and 20)

Lecture Slides (Causal Inference)

  1. Introduction to Program Evaluation
  2. Difference in differences
  3. Regression Discontinuity Design
  4. An article on health expenditure using RD design (in Japanese)